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replica hermes bag 2018 Designed by Hermes in collaboration with jeweler and shoe designer Pierre Hardy, this Hermes Kelly is made out of solid rose gold dotted with a total of 1160 diamonds. The bag (bag-bracelet?) can be carried conventionally or worn with the handles around the wrist as a sort of bangle. After a few minutes of imagining, I guess I can see how the body of the “bag” might hang from the wrist without looking too awkward.

replica hermes taschen This isn’t just a piece of jewelry, though. Hardy molded the rose gold to look like crocodile leather, and the flap closure actually works, although the bag is too small to hold even a pair of sunglasses. Total manufacturing time on the pieces (yes, there are four styles that will be made three times each, for a total of 12 bags, according to the Financial Times) was two years.

Let that sink in for a second and then join me after the jump.

replica hermes canada The natural response to the news that Hermes plans to make $24 million on a dozen tiny bags is probably to look out the window and make sure that the apocalypse isn’t upon us, and as far as I can tell, it’s not. (But, you know, maybe buy some bottled water just in case.) It wasn’t too long ago that people were choking on the idea of a $200,000 Hermes bag, that one also dotted with diamonds.

hermes bracelet replica On further reflection, however, this is probably a genius move based on what we know about Hermes’ dedicated and wealthy customer base. On our Forum, I’ve seen collection photos from women who have what seems like dozens of crocodile Birkins and Kellys; those women likely also patronize extremely high-end jewelers as well, and it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility that 12 of them would have both the excessive means and the collector’s compulsion to snatch up one of these bag-bracelets. If only so that they can display it in their surely vast closets. After all, being stinkin’ rich makes most people kind of crazy.

replica hermes duffle bag Hermes is a brand that monitors its own public image very, very carefully, so the two years lead time and considerable resources that went into making these bags were obviously pored over in every detail. The end result fits with the brand identity very well: extravagant wealth, fantastical luxury, the best of everything, a strong sense of the house’s history. Don’t be surprised if these pieces sell out quickly and more projects like this one come forth in the future. After all, Hermes is one of the only brands in the world that has the kind of devoted, wealthy customer base that can make a would-be publicity gimmick into a sellable piece of company history.

OMG..for that price, I would like to sport it over my shoulder, rather than my wrist. It’s beautiful, I love the color and design.

kelly hermes bag replica Oh. My. God. We all knew they charged too much for their bags but making these just takes the cake. Wouldn’t it be heavy? It would be weird to carry even if I did have 2 mills lying around for that fine bag/fine jewelry crossover we’ve all been waiting for . . . oh, wait.

replica hermes side bag Well, it certainly is a beautiful art piece…but not exactly for the practical everyday kinda gal. However, I’m sure some mega-rich type is placing an order for it as we speak. Because let’s face it, you need to be living a lifestyle that includes bodyguards in order to feel safe carrying. So, I don’t expect I’ll see anyone sporting it on the Lexington Avenue subway any time soon.

hermes birkin replica IMO this is more of a collector’s item than a day to day handbag or even a special occasion handbag. This is for their exclusive clients who probably already have a closet full of their bags along with other stuff from them. And the 2 million dollar price tag is probably a drop in the bucket for them think the top 1% here.

replica hermes birkin 35 At first, I was thinking this was a really ridiculous and outlandish move, but after reading your post I can kinda see your point. Trying to think of the scale and context of the market that Hermes markets to is just out of my realm of knowledge. Obviously, Hermes doesn’t care about us haha I still love them though.

This is madness! A handbag for two million? Well, is for money bags. Hermes Kelly still lives with stone age. Somebody should remind Kelly that this jet age and should join.

It’s a beautiful bag to look at but I wouldn’t buy it. There is no reason to go around showing a bag like this. No sense.

hermes sandals replica The bag is amazing and I think that nobody can disagree. I’m quite worried about the weight and apart from that, I don’t really think that makes sense to spend 2 million on a bag. I mean, you could buy so many amazing handbags with this amount that I don’t really think this bag (even if is amazing) really worth all of them!

hermes bag price replica well, they finally gave us rose gold ………. I think that…. as always it’s a flawless object…. as a display piece. for me, jewel bags are not something I go for. I feel it is a Hermes Judith Leiber. having said that its brilliant as Vuitton creates its …..Haute Maroquinerie department. and Moynat resurfaces making beautiful rich leather bags. Hermes pulls us back and reminds us that they are the all-time luxury and class act!

Really? Everyone is posting like this bag has a scintilla of sanity associated with it. It’s ridiculous!

This is for the person that has more money than sense. I love nice things but this is beyond ridiculous.

hermes kelly replica Around here, we have plenty of fun pointing out those companies who seek to ride each others’ design coattails to financial and sartorial success. Almost every company, big or small, well known or not, fits that descriptor from time to time, but then there are those who take the whole enterprise up several degrees of magnitude. When that happens, we get bags like the Leghila Neoprene B-Bag Tote.

kelly bag replica “B” bag? Clever name, folks. Remember when you were a little kid and your sibling would hold his or her finger an inch from your skin and shout “IM NOT TOUCHING YOU IM NOT TOUCHING YOU” over and over in order to destroy whatever was left of your fragile childhood psyche? That’s basically what Leghila is trying to do to Hermes with this bag; it more or less amounts to, “I’M NOT CALLING MYSELF A BIRKIN IM NOT CALLING MYSELF A BIRKIN,” and with a price tag well into the three figures, I’m failing to find any amusement in it. Almost-Birkins are a dime a dozen, and because copyright laws make it very difficult to sue over this kind of intellectual property theft (which, in many cases, is actually a good thing), they will continue to be readily available on the cheap.

hermes bag replica I actually do enjoy the vivid neoprene construction. The material is lightweight, takes color beautifully and does well with moisture; it’s a shame that more designers haven’t ventured into its use as an alternative to boring, basic canvas when it comes to less expensive totes and small accessories. Still, though, Birkin knockoffs aren’t clever and they aren’t particularly chic. For the price and the fabric, the brand should have actually taken the time to design their own bag.

Agree the brand should have designed their own bag. I love the color and material and would have seriously considered buying it if it weren’t so blatantly Birkin-y. It’d be a great gym bag.

Had to laugh because if you go to Luisa, half the bags look like Hermes wannabes…Mulberry, Lancel, Leghila, heck, even YSL. Where is the creativity???

I actually love the color, but I’m more worried about the bag keeping its shape once it’s filled. It just looks as though it would droop.

You know, usually, I don’t like these “not” bags but I think the choice of material and color IS clever and if it were half the price it would be a fun bag to have.

replica hermes gypsy bag Love the bag! I am not worried about it looking like a Birkin because it is obvious that it is not. I think the colors are fabulous. I just ordered one in chartreuse and neon teal for my daughter. It is washable and super durable. The color combinations offered are fabulous. The bright purple, yellow and orange are just as amazing.

I love them. I already have two one large one small. A large neon green for leisure and a small one in black with red trim for every day, and they really are machine washable!

hermes belt replica This Halloween I am celebrating by dressing up as a lady who spas (meaning I’m putting on a much needed green mud mask and a soak for my hair while wearing a robe). The kids coming to our door may be a little confused as to what I am, but I think it works and I totally need some at-home spa treatments. And for their having to look at me, they will be rewarded handsomely with some of our favorite treats. From Crunchies to Smarties to M&M’s to Haribo Gummi candies, there is a treat for everyone that comes to our door.

My treat tonight is my Hermes Alligator Kelly Longue Wallet. Every year it is the best Halloween accessory a girl can ask for. And the lady who spas as a Halloween costume coincides well with a little piece of Hermes.

What are you dressed up as or who are you dressing up as what? Have a sweet, safe, and fun Halloween!

replica hermes australia We live in a large building and what happens is the building asks who will be putting out candy/accepting trick-or-treaters, then the list is sent to everyone in the building so they know which apartments to go to. It works out really nicely and has been so fun!

replica hermes birkin bag price Sounds like a great idea! Do you guys have a lot of kids in your building? How does trick-or-treating in Manhattan even work? I live in one of South Florida’s millions of gated communities and kids pretty much just go wild here, so I’m just curious how it works in the city.

Our condo complex sent everyone an orange pumpkin. If they were accepting trick-or-treaters, you hang up the pumpkin. I live in a large complex as well, and I appreciated not having to waste time. The time was limited from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Anyway, I LOVE that bag. What a beautiful treat.

Maybe you could have called Adrienne Maloof and had some treatments done at her house. She even had treats. LOL!

replica herme bag We live near an elementary school and get bombarded with trick or treaters each year. My husband likes to hand out large candy bars and I think some kids make repeat trips. But all the Super Mans and goblins blend together and our golden retriever enjoys all the visitors, regardless how many times they come by.

some of them managed to get into our university halls, lucky SOBS!

replica hermes belt bag Be still my heart. Some of the promotions I work on are both sheer joy and total temptation, and the Madison Avenue Couture Hermes Rue La La boutique is a perfect example of this. Starting today at 11 AM EST, an incredible selection of over 60 Hermes bags from around the world for sale. Over 70% of the bags are highly coveted Birkins and Kellys in materials varying from crocodile and ostrich to lizard and more. Included in this allotment is a never-before-carried black crocodile Birkin, and I think you ladies all know how coveted those are. If the bags are not what you are looking for or aren’t in your price range, there will be a selection of scarves, jewelry, and accessories (like the Clic-Clac bracelet).

hermes bags replica We (and you) are very lucky because we can show you these bags before the boutique opens so that you can begin your strategic planning. Figure out what it is that you want/need and get your purchase fingers ready. This is a boutique you will not want to miss!

replica garden party hermes About once a week I visit the Hermes website to pretend I live in a completely different world, a world where $530 beach towels and $85 poker cards are the norms. We all know the exorbitant cost of the Birkin and Kelly bags, but Hermes releases other leather goods to lure you in as well. Majority of those are still out of the price range for most, but I discovered a ‘gem’.

Hidden under the horse riding section I found the Hermes Aline Bag, a Herringbone canvas pouch with a barenia calfskin strap.

fake hermes belt Ok, so this bag is actually a pouch. The 11″ x 13″ body is a good size but the depth is only an inch. I am not a horseback rider, but apparently, those who ride need a slim pouch bag for… something. For some reason, I still like this bag, even though I recognize the absurdity entirely and understand it is not functional for what I need. However, the title of this post is still legit(ish).

well ………its Hermes everything seems a little odd!! I love this brand but fail to see the beauty of this particular

Oats and carrots. And a hoof pick. But I could do that for $20 from Farm and Fleet – and it would actually be more functional/practical (made of oilskin).

replica hermes belt I love Birkin/Kelly/Bombay but sometimes I feel stupid for doing so…they are just so… This is making me laugh. $720 for a cloth pouch that basically makes me into a human advertising billboard? I’m no sewing pro, but I’m pretty sure that I could make this pouch with a sewing machine, cloth paint, stencils and some grommets.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 Seriously, why does anyone purchase Hermes? There are so many wonderful designers out there that produce just beautiful products. YSL, Valentino, Gucci, Celine, Balenciaga, LV and many more offer the best leather, best construction possible for so much less. So why does anyone pay the crazy price to purchase a Hermes bag? Are we all about status, and if you carry a Hermes bag that sets you apart? If you own a Hermes bag, and you obtained your Birkin/Kelly bag by getting yourself on a waiting list….you need to look at eBay.

This is a less useful version of the reusable shopping bag I got at King Soopers for one dollar.

assuming this is a made of canvas? I wouldn’t pay $50 for a canvas bag, much less $720, leather strap or not.

Wow-wee. Hermes charges an arm and a leather strap for their precious name. I like the Thursday Friday Bags a whole lot better than this thing.

Totally agree! And even eBay prices are ridiculous for this brand. Especially given 40 years ago my mother used to sell these bags and they were around 200. How did they decide to add two 00 to that price in just that time!!! Crazy!

okay, I’m not the only one who jumps to attention on hearing of a new Hermes, but this… REALLY? 720 for the most simple canvas bag? pfft, literally buying the label than the style… what a joke.

best hermes replica Really, Hermes? C’mon that looks like a damn feedbag. Yes, we all know the brand is aspirational and the target audience is wealthy; so why bother producing this piece of crap? Hmm, maybe some rich socialite will give away party favors in them…otherwise this thing is no better than the bag a Hermes bag comes in.

birkin replica Just to carry a word “Hermes” will cost you $720.00 Seriously, I can easily do it on my own and have the shirt printed “Hermes” with a bag that I can customize than this unreasonable overpriced bag. I probably just get a Burberry and I can get a dust bag with printed name Burberry on it. Ridiculous. People shouldn’t buy this Hermes name because of status so they won’t sell ridiculously overpriced items. if you carry Hermes on the street or ride a public transit nobody will pay attention if you carry this bag.

I worry that people have become so obsessed with being told a brand is luxurious that they are blinded by lust after a fabricated exclusivity. Awaken! Exclusivity does not equate worthiness or even great design. The emperor has no clothes people!

replica hermes twilly This bag is just an extension of the overpriced Birkin–seriously about the same markup scale but you see it here because it’s more obvious in canvas. Yes, the Birkin, the Kelly, all made of fabulous materials–but the price is still unjustified based on materials & craftsmanship. In fact, this canvas feed bag is perfect. Here you buy the label without fuss or pretense and good luck to you, I hope you find it gives you self-worth!

Still shaking my head at the poor gentlemen above who needs to know something he would purchase isn’t at a Macy’s before he feels allowed to think it worthy.

I bought one at the NYC Hermes store back in 1987, for 25 dollars. They are called brush bags, and you can get a lot in them. I about died when I decided to buy a new one the other day!

I actually like it. And yes, the price is outrageous but we all know that’s what Hermes is all about. So I’m not sure why everyone is so surprised.

replica hermes usa Just one thing to a comment here I do not love this bag but………Hermes is not like L.V and it is not like Gucci. It’s another brand a different quality and philosophy again this bag is not going to my first choice but the fact that it exists does not make me compare Hermes to all the other “luxury brands” I mean Vuitton is like the Costco of luxury !!! So in no way is it comparable.

hermes blanket replica It must be difficult to take over a storied and iconic brand like Hermes, particularly for a designer like Christophe Lemaire, whose most high-profile gig before taking the reins of the French luxury giant was the top spot at Lacoste. Those are two very different posts, but Lemaire has managed to incorporate his own brand of crisp sportswear into the Hermes identity reasonably well. He’s not a showman like Jean Paul Gaultier, but if that’s what Hermes had wanted, they probably would have stuck with him.

replica hermes birkin price I can not relate to his man and his sense of style, volume, and general conception as I have said before this notion of taking Hermes to the almost organic nondescript bothers me and truly is a major disappointment one of many from this brand in the last year I love Hermes beyond words and find it a shame that This person just does not understand it whatever the argument he is lost in a world he clearly does not understand whether you agree with me or not this is not HERMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just looked at the spring 2011 collection and its far superior to this one. This collection is so boring. Makes me happy I bought my Hermes bag last year…

replica hermes belts I’ve noticed that all across the board that handbags have made a dramatic drop in size….It is like there force feeding us small satchels and cross bodies…I think the collection is beautiful but the bags are too small for my taste. There isn’t much variation in size.

I think you’re right. the only one I kind of like is the one you see in the preview, and even that one doesn’t excite me at all

replica birkin bag price I just bought a bag I am in love with: the Tom Ford – Carine black bag, just beautiful …By the way, Hermes at Madison Ave only has Garden Parties and Picotin bags. A total disappointment, what do they do with their bags, sell to the people to resell on eBay, I wonder…

hermes replica bags I completely agree with the eBay comment. It is amazing to me that you cannot purchase a Birkin in the store, but on eBay they are plentiful. Kind of takes away to the stigma that Hermes is trying to build. The bags above are nothing special, but I am sure they want crazy money for all of them.

replica black hermes bag I have not commented for a while but just cannot hold this in. This is not HERMES, the bags and the clothes belong somewhere else. H needs to fire this designer and bring back JPG asap. Some of these messengers bags remind me of my very first coach messenger bag from over 22 years ago and I still prefer that coach bag over these!

It is one thing to veer away from the iconic bags if you have some originality, but these bags are simply ugly and expensive.

Oh no! This is Not Hermes. I thought this was a Celine collection when I saw the tan and white sling bags. I have an almost exact Celine bag from 18 years ago…

birkin hermes bag replica If I could make one little request, though, it would be to see Birkins and Kellys on the runway. Hermes Spring 2012 didn’t have any, and with handbags playing such an integral role in the brand’s success, it would be nice to have a more public look at what Lemaire can do with the Hermes’ most iconic products. As Gaultier showed us for all those years, they make an excellent canvas for the invention.

Hi please, does anyone have a clue of how much cost a Kelly Hermès???? I´m just crazy for one and have been save for a while now.

I much prefer Hermes now to JPG vision. It’s more simple and classic and getting back to a more equestrian theme

replica birkin bag hermes price list Hermes handbags, accessories and scarves? On sale? We could barely believe it ourselves, but we caught word late yesterday that Hermes would be hosting its New York City sample sale this morning, starting at 9 a.m., at Soiffer Haskin, 317 W33rd Street.

birkin bag replica So that’s like, what, an hour from now? Just enough time for you to fake a hacking cough, call in sick to work and get in a taxi headed straight for…West Midtown? North Chelsea? What area is that exactly? Or I guess you could get on the subway and head for Penn Station, but as anyone who’s ever been in Penn Station knows, that’s the last resort. For discounted Hermes, though, it might be worth it. The sale runs from until 8 p.m. today, and if you absolutely can’t make it, you can also try your luck between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. If you go, please report back with what you bought and what they had!

replica hermes bag 2019 of course, it’s in NYC of all places, which I live THOUSANDS of miles from. 🙁 I guess it would only be retail for me, but I am SUPER-EXCITED to see the purchases from this Sample Sale!!! Please Post, readers!!!! BTW, The EXOTIC is the one I would initially go for, but I doubt too that it would be in the sale.

replica hermes picotin Hi, Been to three sales and the best items are all pressed by invitation only. Do not expect to see any Kellys, Birkins, or handbags at all. I did miss out on a fab pair of riding boots and forget dressing rooms. you just change most of the time in the corner. Once there was the luxury of the dressing room but it was dark. They do put new items out each day and the last time I went the limit was 10 ties and ten scarves. And the wait line was LONG! some years they have China, some years they do not. one year they had some great horse gear, some years they have doggy beds and collars etc. I got an invite once then Katrina was coming and had to leave early, crud! The ladies in line are very nice. Once a pretty prominent 47th street jewelers wife used us to break in line because she was about to deliver her baby so the limo waited while she cut the line she shopped then she went for her baby delivery! Only in New York!!

I live in Utah….so I have about zero hope of ever going to a designer sample sale unless I happen to be in New York at the right time. Needless to say, internet and my personal shopper at Nordstrom are necessities.

Normally, I read this blog every day…except today and there’s a Hermes sample sale…of course! And I work on in Midtown West!!! But after reading that “Racked” write up, I don’t feel so bad. Sounds like it was a real shite show.

birkin bag hermes replica The sample sale was HORRIBLE. I’ve been to a few over the past couple years and this year didn’t compare at all. My sales associate on Madison and in Palm Beach both concluded product was limited this year as most of the “good stuff” went to Asia. I did better at the in-store sale which is a week before the sample sale. Basically, the stuff that didn’t get sold during the two-day end of season sale (except bracelets) then goes to the sample sale.

replica hermes bag 2018 Ever wonder what a Hermes Kelly looks like before it is put together? I hadn’t given much thought to the question, but Jeroen van Rooijen clearly has; he deconstructed the iconic bag for his book Zerlegt. What struck me the most is what’s not in the photo – the Kelly has no fussy linings, zippers or unnecessary elements of any kind. The beauty of the design is in its simplicity.

I’m not trying to sound snarky (because I really do think this is a fascinating image, and I’m glad you’ve shared it), but Fashionista, Styleite, Fashionising, and Things Organized My thought was too: “Oh he forgot the price tag from the picture…”

Not really sure, but guess they don’t have price tags at…

I’m sure this isn’t the best advertising for Hermes. But anyway, the brand is the highest quality there is.

I have only one Hermes bracelet, but the magic is there…

replica hermes taschen As a contemporary artist, I can say, the materials aren’t so expensive, but my painting will get ten of those. Neatly reported on this two months ago, so I wonder why it’s just now making waves here? (Being a blogger, I understand that there are times when you can’t fit a certain item into the queue, but replica bags is my go-to for handbag info, and I always think of you as being on the front lines, so I’m just surprised.)

replica hermes canada Definitely not surprising, and no, not the first time I’ve noticed that the prices that I pay for luxury handbags are far higher than the actual cost of the materials and construction – I’m pretty sure most of here realized that a long time ago. I just think it’s a thought-provoking photograph.

hermes bracelet replica Wow. Such strong opinions today. I so admire Jessica and her outstanding business career. Whether one would purchase her items is beside the point that she has been one successful for use g HER BRAIN. Furthermore, as far as something being taken away because young stars are purchasing it is downright hilarious. Excuse me, millionaires…..

I loved watching Newlyweds back in the day! I’m still sad that they broke up but hope they’re happy with their respective fiancés’!

replica hermes duffle bag How did she allow this horrible picture of herself to get out? So another celebrity gets a Birkin, big whoop. If Mssr. Johnson or Mlle. Simpson can afford a Birkin, they can afford a hairbrush. Nothing is wrong with dressing casual but I’m so tired of seeing people dressed like utter slobs. Especially those who have publicists and agents. She’s otherwise a pretty young lady.

Seems to me like she was surprised with the bag at home, probably right when she woke up. Why would she need to be dressed when she’s at home?

kelly hermes bag replica every woman can own it if they are hella rich, it’s all about $$, once there are enough $$, no matter old or young, tall or short, fit or fat, any woman can have it. hermes is not exclusive, it was made exclusive, of cos they can hire cheap labor to make the bags, but the business strategy is different. And the profit margin is coming from such called craftsmanship. The business success formula is waiting list+crazy price+snob aa

replica hermes side bag To me, the “certain kind of woman” who buys these is whichever woman has thousands upon thousands of dollars to throw at a handbag(not that that’s a bad thing at all). I think these celebrities know exactly what they are: a status symbol that says “this bag is kind of a big deal because it probably cost more than your car.” I say it makes more sense for people like Kim K., Jessica, etc. than for non-millionaires who often put themselves into debt to attain these kinds of status symbols.

I’ve always liked Jessica. I find her real and honest and very endearing.

And I wondered at the same thing, why is this her first Birkin? She’s very into bags and was always carrying the latest “it” bag. I’m surprised, too, that someone as bag-crazy and could readily afford it hasn’t bought a Birkin earlier.

I actually prefer this approach than someone who would get all made up just to take a Twitpic.

Well, you have no one else but Hermes to blame for that. They cultivated that image of utter exclusivity and those stories about year-long waiting lists when the truth is that their bags are more readily available than they would want to admit.

And that’s the thing, because of that impression that they are SO hard to get, everyone wanted one. This includes the people you think don’t have “a very refined taste” but have the money to buy out the full Hermes store.

hermes birkin replica Anyway… I hate to agree (and possibly sound like a hater) but I kinda do. Birkin was Holy Grail to me basically because it was so exclusive and for a “certain kind of woman”. I mean yes, the quality is impeccable but so are a lot of other bags that cost much less. The list, the wait time, the period of time when only those with a very refined taste (or handbag obsession) actually knew what they were and that they were “kind of a big deal”…*deep sigh*. I miss that time. I like Jessica but she’s kind of tacky and between her and the entire Kardashian crew each having one and making a Birkin rainbow by insisting on wearing them out together- ugh, they are just ruining the effect for me. :/

replica hermes birkin 35 It’s a bag like Any other. It’s prob. Something she always admired but would never purchase herself. And to each his own. No one tells you how to spend your $ so who are we to say she’s spending hers the wrong way. She gets what she likes (as do i) and that’s all that matters

If you look back at Jessica’s handbag choices in the past, they’re rarely structured, simple handbags. They’re mostly slouchy handbags with a lot of detail to them. Perhaps she feels its time to own a handbag that’s timeless and classic.

hermes sandals replica Technically, Simpson’s fiance Eric Johnson is the person who made the upgrade for her, as a gift for her 31st birthday on Sunday night. Although, as gossip sites love to point out, Eric probably bought it with Jessica’s money. But that’s fine because she’s so stinking rich that it hardly matters where the five-figure layout for this kind of present came from. So congratulations and happy birthday to Jessica – I wonder if this is her first Birkin? If so, what made her wait so long?

I had the exact same reaction to your last sentence… Makes me start to rethink my whole addiction…

hermes bag price replica If you watched Newlyweds back in the day like I did (and I did it without shame, thankyouverymuch), then you know that Jessica Simpson is an inveterate bag lover just like the rest of us. She toted a lot of multicolored Louis Vuitton at the time because that was the hot new thing, but now that Jessica has gotten older (and richer – that shoe line she has is no joke, Y’all), she’s made a bit of an upgrade: an orange Hermes Birkin. Although based on the rest of the photo, it’s kind of refreshing to see that Jessica sits around the house in the same pajamas she had back then.

I love branded bags, but the price can’t justify its purpose. It can feed a lot of hungry kids and can send kids to school already! How many bags do we actually need?

hermes kelly replica I enjoy high-end handbags, so I’ve long since accepted the fact that Birkins and Kellys and other various luxury goods have incredibly inflated prices. However, this photo does strike a bit of a chord with me. It’s a little different when you’re not seeing the whole picture – it’s really just some leather straps and metal buckles.

kelly bag replica Not quite sure why this is surprising. Yes, that is around 100$ worth of materials at best and one of the simplest of constructions (because of not having to sew in lining, zippers etc). Are people just figuring out they are paying too much for a Hermes and other overpriced handbags? 🙂

Hermes prices really are obscene! I’m all for paying a decent amount for a luxury designer bag.. but never ever would I pay their overinflated prices!

hermes bag replica At first, I was surprised by the lack of materials needed to create the Kelly, but upon further thought, it reminds me of “clean” eating: the best healthy meals have the purest ingredients and keep out all of the add-ons. This is what Hermes does, but with handbags; the company focuses on using smart design and the best materials instead of choosing a quantity of quality. Now we know that for a fact because someone has taken apart an $8,000 bag to satisfy our collective curiosity.